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You can follow me on Tumblr!

2011-06-24 00:15:27 by Mr-Deathly

I have three Tumblr accounts in which you can follow me and my work.

Grauncho Tumblr This is my main Tumblr which I will use for blogs, random art, updates about the concepts and practice for it as well as other things. I will mainly use this account to reblog stuff I like and just general bullshit. I follow everyone who follows me.


Notice how my Cameo pictures have been taken down? That's because I finally decided to go ahead and publish my comic on tumblr(for now). Go ahead and give this a follow. I will try to update a fresh comic at least once a week and continue the story there.

Soon, in color.

2010-11-13 02:22:25 by Mr-Deathly

Just ordered one of those drawin' tablets with Windows on it and everything. Soon, the pictures I upload will be in color and have other neat effects to help properly utilize my ideas for this little comic idea.